Olux – Shrimp Fingers ~ Free Single

Orphic – The Groove Button ~ Free EP

HullabaloO – I’m Coming ~ Free Single

HullabaloO – High Fructose Bass Syrup EP

Orphic – Wop That Wandy ~ Name Your Price!

Orphic ft. Ill Dosage – Galactic Cruise Control

Spoken Bird & Lazer Tooth – Pass The Hoverboard

Kuria by HullabaloO ~ Name Your Price!

S-C-I-E-N-C-E by Elephant In The Room

Standing Here In Time by Alien brain Food [N.Y.P. 8/27/14 !]

5AM – The Neverfasting Slop Gobbler [Available 8/21/14 !!]

Whitebear – Depth Charge [Dusty Fungus Remix]

Blue Again by Demon Cleaner [Available for N.Y.P. 6/30/14 !!]

Psymatiks by Karmasynk [OUT NOW!!]

11:11 by Big Joe Daddy [Released 3/20/14]

Self-Titled by Myad [Released 3/12/14]

The Swampilation by Various Artists [Released 2/28/14]

Swamp Music